MAKING KNOWLEDGE WORK (Discourse & Dialogue)

The significance of gaining knowledge, and the positive impact that this can have on daily life, has been stressed by all the faith traditions. In the Islamic tradition “Iqra”, the Arabic word for read, is considered to be the first word of divine revelation. Historically, cities like Baghdad were centres of learning and boasted some of the greatest libraries in the world.

In the modern age what is the relationship of the Muslim community with knowledge? How can the information revolution combine with traditional knowledge to create rich and purposeful lives?

Join us for an inspirational evening in the company of Ustadh Usama Canon and Micah Anderson, from the Ta’leef Collective, and Shaykh Haroon Hanif (Greensville Trust), as they talk about the importance of knowledge in the Islamic tradition and how to make it work in the modern world.

The evening will commence with a poetry recitation by the Kenyan munshid group Al Biru Wa Taqwa

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