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What do Christianity, Judaism and Islam have in common?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a joint legacy of Biblical tradition through the Hebrew Bible; Christianity and Islam continue that sharing through the New Testament. The three faiths share many of the same prophets, all acknowledging a common parent in Abraham. All ascribe similar attributes to God, including creator, sustainer, judge, and forgiver.

The three faiths believe God is both omnipotent and omniscient. The kinship of these faiths continues through ethical principles, including respect for life, respect for parents, and a work ethic that includes giving charity, doing good, and avoiding evil.

What does Islam say about Jesus?

Islam thinks very highly of Jesus, more highly than any other religion does, save Christianity. In the Quran, Jesus is called “Messenger,” “Messiah,” “Son of Mary,” “Word of God,” and other titles of reverence. Jesus is considered the most significant prophet next to Muhammad.

A cardinal tenet of Islam’s faith is belief in Jesus; you cannot be a Muslim without honouring Jesus, the son of Mary as a Messenger from God.

What does Islam teach?

Islam’s primary message is a continuation of the monotheistic, Abrahamic tradition’s belief in one God. The three major dimensions of Islam include: beliefs, ritual practices, and doing good works.

There are six major beliefs in Islam. There are also five central practices which are referred to as the Five Pillars. The last dimension of Islam focuses on good works and excellence in character in both one’s spiritual relationship with God as well as in one’s everyday actions.

The articles of faith and the five pillars that are mentioned are explained in further detail here.

Do I have to adhere to a dress code when I attend the ONM study sessions?

We do not enforce any dress code…come as you are!

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Which books should I read to get myself started?

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